Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog relaunch: Feedback Governs Dynamics

Well it is high time that I kick the dust off this blog and get back to it. It has been nearly three years and a lot has changed both in my life and in the world. I still have been pondering the ideas I started on this blog, but have been keeping them mostly to myself for some reason. Hopefully no more, because my thoughts have matured and the growing problems in the world seem to be just screaming for better answers.
I've changed the name from "Global Mind Project" to my favorite mantra: "Feedback Governs Dynamics". This statement comes from the System Dynamics community, and I’m not sure if there is a true originator, but after a friend stated it, I was taken by its simple truth. To me, feedback is the root of all change, and without it our complex world would not exist. This is different than cause and effect to me because cause and effect only flow in one direction. It is not till a chain of causes and effects close to form a loop, or feedback, that true dynamics emerge. I see this process occurring at both the most fundamental physical level and at the most complex social level.

Anyway, the reason I felt that I must change the name is because, as much as I’d like to help deliberately build the Global Mind, I believe that the only way it will come about is to form on its own just as everything else in the universe has thus far. My role is then to take part in the feedback that is governing its dynamics and to try and help strengthen the reinforcing influences.

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