Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I know many of us shy away from openly talking about governance for a variety of reasons, but mainly because we only associate it only with politics. I'm coming to realize, however, what a shame it really is that we don't. It is not only an American tradition, but the very means by which this country was formed. Sure it isn't what it should be and very often it seems to be a hopeless effort, but it really isn't.

As a scientist, modeling complex problems, I have come to understand that very often there are indeed insurmountable forces in a system that prevent change from occurring. The solutions to these problems therefore lie in difficult changes in a system that is deeply rooted and seemingly immobile. Yet changes do happen. What is interesting is that unlike the large forces keeping the world the way it is, it is rarely a single force that creates change. Instead it is in billions of little changes that pile up and redirect one of those large forces into a whole new direction.

We live in a world with nearly limitless potential and our faith, knowledge, and technology have taken us to places where no single person could have ever gone alone. So why do we still have so many problems? Is it because they are impossible? Or is it because we now know and fear how complex they are and how much work, failure, and retrying it will take? Or perhaps it's just because many of the people in power want to remain so and are unwilling to risk doing things truly differently.

I know that we all believe that there are different problems and different solutions that need to be explored, but one thing I know we all agree on is that there are a lot of serious problems. I also know that is it frustrating so little is being done and accomplished. So here's where I'll have to leave the discussion on improving governance and get political. As much as we disdain the world of politics as it is now, it is still a vital means for acting on our beliefs about governance. After many years of being frustrated with the choices given to me, I have finally been inspired to do more than make token efforts and simply vote. I have been inspired to look into myself and the world around me and cast out my own beliefs for all to critique.

I believe that we are finally on the cusp of real change. After thousands of years of slow and steady progress, we stand on the brink of a new world that will look unlike anything we've ever seen. We now have technology and knowledge that will redirect and amplify the growing force that is humanity in directions one could have only dreamed of. We must not only ready ourselves for this world, we must set a course for where we want to take it. If we do not, we could end up projecting this force aimlessly, causing great suffering instead of great prosperity and freedom.

So here it is... we are quickly approaching a presidential election. With an election comes an opportunity. A unique time where people can reevaluate, develop, and share their beliefs about governance and what it will take to get this world moving in the right direction. The trouble is, doing it right takes a fair amount of work and effort to sift through all the pundits, hidden agendas, posturing and overall nonsense to get at the root of the opportunity.

Yet despite this storm, I believe I've found someone that understands the desperate need for a totally new approach. I've found a candidate that has an unwavering faith that we can find solutions to even the most difficult of challenges. And I believe this candidate knows exactly where to start on the path to a new way of solving problems. I believe in Barack Obama because he believes in us.

Regardless of how you feel about Obama, I only ask that if you have not given him a chance, if you haven't gone beyond the sound bites or snap shots, to take a few more minutes to watch at least one entire speech by Barack. Many might tell you that he's simply another politician, but I believe he is the real deal. I think he is more capable than anyone I've ever seen for inspiring significant change, not because he has all the answers, but because he knows that the only way to find them is to re-energize our society and focus its efforts. He understands that even the best solutions will fail if you cannot get people behind them. Barack also realizes that if we fail to find solutions it will only be because he failed to listen.

If this has resonated with you in any way, I'm hoping that you will find out more for yourself and do whatever you can to support Barack. Forward a link to this post, write your own, make a donation to my fundraising, or do whatever you can to make the most of this opportunity. Any size donations are especially appreciated. Over one million people already own a part of his campaign, which is unheard of at this stage of an election, you can be a part of it too.



This is the speech that finally got me moving. I know it's almost fifteen minutes, but listening to its entirety is well worth it:

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jkibler said...

ya, I'm voting for him. Its time to accept there's zero chance of a candidate winning that runs on a platform that i think would matter. Hopefully he'll make the right choices once he gets in there.