Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Few Weeks with the XO

My "couple" weeks (that turned into more like a month) with the One Laptop per Child XO computer have finally come to an end. I would have liked to do more with it, but I do feel like in the little free time I actually had to use it, I was able to get a pretty good sense of where it is at and where it is going.

In short it is an idea with truly revolutionary potential. I emphasize potential not because I think it has short comings, but because just like anything in the world, realizing a dream takes more than a good idea and technology. It will take the right support, enthusiasm, and pragmatic process to get things going in a sustainable way. Anyway, here it is:
Time to take a short break and take another picture to complete my somewhat lame attempt at Escher like image.

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