Friday, April 04, 2008

A Post From the OLPC XO

This post is being made from the One Laptop Per Child XO laptop that my parents sponsored during the "Give One Get One" program. It's going to be a bit short since it's not exactly easy being that it really is meant for children. That said it is truly an amazing feat considering the challenges. Sure it isn't perfect, but what totally new technology is?

So far I've been able to do everything that I wanted to. I'm online in the Dulles airport, using the free year of T-mobile Hotspot connection that was donated with each of the give one get one XO's. Thanks T-Mobile! The general functionality is fairly straightforward, but I still feel like there is a lot that I don't know about. The amount of instructions to help with this also leaves a lot to be desired.

Yet given the innate ability of kids to figure out new things I'm excited to let my parent's surrogate grandchild, Avery, figure it all out. I'm going to spend a few more days with it before sending it out, and I hope to try out a few more things. Okay, that's about all I can type on this. More to come from a regular computer.

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